Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Needless to say, my glorious week was not followed by a great weekend--probably the exact opposite to be honest! I went to the doctor on Friday & got meds for my upper respiratory infection (not fun) which was followed by lots of going in & out of sleep all weekend. I came to on Saturday afternoon, forced myself out of bed, & received a care package & some hugs from the lovely boyfriend (unfortunately I missed out on the fantastic 60º weather, poo). I finished off the night with 'Singin in the Rain' (Mr. Shu from Glee was right about it being the best movie to watch when you're sick) & woke up on Sunday with what felt like severe allergies.

I'm still, unhappily, recovering and hope to be in tip top shape by the time that the 60+ weather reaches NY this week! Hope you all are feeling better than I am!
xx Corinne

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