it's a mad, mad monday

Monday, March 19, 2012

Since one of my favorite shows of all time, Mad Men, is returning this upcoming Sunday, I've dubbed this honorary Mad Week! I will be posting about all things Mad Men related, from the style, to the makeup, to the drinks, & maybe a little Donald Draper humor thrown in while I'm at it :)

I got into Mad Men a few years back after the second season concluded, went back & watched it from the beginning & become OBSESSED with it to say the least. Last season ended (17 months or so ago!) with me, literally on the edge of my seat screaming, "OH. MY. GOSH. WHAT'S GOING ON?!" at the ending. Ever since me and the rest of its faithful fans have been dying to know what the hell Don is thinking, if Betty is even happy, and how Joan's husband believed that she is pregnant with HIS kid (he is a total jerk, though... & I am clearly Team Sterling)! Needless to say, the hype, countdowns, and promos have me practically drooling until March 25th at 10pm when the show comes back for a 2 hour premier! And, what better way to fill the next painful countdown week than with celebrating the best parts of the show? Make sure to check back for 'Mad' features throughout the week!

Are you as excited for the premier as I am? Have any ideas about what may happen next this season? Tell me your Mad predictions/tidbits in the comments! :)

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