club monaco.

Monday, March 26, 2012

I found these gorgeous Club Monaco lookbook pictures in a folder on my computer recently-- goodness knows how long they've been sitting there in their transitional loveliness! However, I had to post them-- the look of the entire shoot is definitely how I'm feeling (and attempting to dress) as the New York weather shimmies around from day to day, ranging from a beautiful 70+ degrees where I am shedding all of my layers so I don't die of heatstroke, all the way down to a teeth chattering 45º where I am rocking a sweater and the warmest jacket I own-- and the wind! Oh the glorious one day, yet completely freezing the next, breeze that keeps popping through! These pictures perfectly capture the wintery/summer-like spring that mother nature keeps throwing at us (possibly to make up for the lack of autumn we had last year?)-- if only I could keep up & dress as nicely ;)

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