Thursday, March 01, 2012

1. I have been OBSESSED with wearing insanely chunky, warm sweaters with lazy bottoms, whether it's dark sweatpants I pretend aren't sweatpants, or leggings when around my house. Nothing beats a nice sweater-lazy combo! (And, really, isn't that girl's hair to die for? If my wallet weren't so dry I'd have been a Marilyn by now!)

2. One of my very, very few loves of winter: the moon is absolutely mesmerizing. On the way home from my night class the other night, in the middle of a phone convo, I literally could not take my eyes off of it, to which my boyfriend replied "please don't kill yourself staring at the moon." Thanks dear! But in all honesty, if it weren't so cold (& I didn't have a million & a half things rush around & do in the late hours of the evening) I would stare at it until I fell asleep each night. Such a fantastic pleasure!

3. Jason Wu cannot get off of my brain these days! Between my unsuccessful attempts to purchase a coveted item from his Target line 2 days after release (I actually made a surprise find/buy at the store last week!), to finding amazing behind the scenes shots on Tumblr of a model in blood orange lipstick, to running into them again a few days later with his amazing metallic emerald eyeshadow. To. die. Mr. Wu, please come into my life more often and, preferably, with gifts!

4.I absolutely adore this quote. After I got out of my funk, and after all of those years of hearing it before the beginning of "Your Ex-Lover is Dead" by the Stars, I actually felt its meaning. This & every single quotation from Note to Self have become an obsession...

5. Spring is on my brain and refuses to leave. I cannot wait for the warm weather, the cold drinks, the days that last well into nighttime. The birds chirping, the heavenly breezes, the grass, the sun. It seems to be getting colder & grayer with each day and I all I can think about are those perfect yellow summery mornings. Ho hum.

What are YOU inspired by at the moment?

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