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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yes, it's true! CE&TH is officially on Bloglovin'!

Feel free to click on the link above ^, the picture above, or the 'Bloglovin' link under 'beyond the blog' on the right sidebar to check it out/add CE&TH. What I personally love about Bloglovin? You won't need to overload your browser with 18 tabs opening at once to check out all of your daily blogs anymore (been there, done that far too many times). For those of you who follow blogs & don't know about this genius site, you can create an account, follow your favorite blogonistas, & have all of their entries on one easily accessible page. And, most of all, you do not need a blog of your own to follow all of your favorites! If only I had known about BL before... but now you do, so go check it out! & make sure to add me if you please :)

Happy Valentine's Day Week!

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