recipe: oreo brownies with cookies & cream frosting

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

One thing my boyfriend & I undoubtedly fight about without question, every single weekend, is dessert. I'm a strict plain cheesecake, plain ice cream, plain everything kinda gal while he's dreaming up crazy 24 ingredient sundaes and red velvet chocolate brownie cheesecake supreme. However, both of us agreed on this delicious recipe I found on Pinterest that satisfies his love for brownies & crazy concoctions and my love for Oreos and simple delicious desserts. The result? An addictive cookie-textured brownie with super sweet frosting in under 10 ingredients! Or, my very understated title that does them absolutely no justice:

Here's what you'll need for my poor gal spin:
Heavy cream, butter, Oreos, & confectioner's sugar for the frosting ; Oreos, brownie mix, & eggs for the brownies

Now take about 8 Oreos or so and break them apart in a bowl with a spoon, or with your hands...

& then again, even smaller!

Mix up your brownie mix & add the tiny pieces into the batter. I made ours semi-chunky, so little bits of the Oreos should be visible in the batter.

Now spread it on your baking pan (or in our poor gal's case, cookie tray!)

Follow the baking time/directions on the box & let cool.

Now it's time for the frosting! Combine 2 cups confectioner's sugar, heavy cream (I did it by eye), & super softened butter. Squish up the butter into small pieces with a spatula before mixing all ingredients on low.

Once it gets to your desired fluffy consistency add in the rest of your Oreo pieces into the mix!

The frosting should look very "cookies & cream" by the end

Now ice the brownies...

& let sit in the fridge overnight.

By the next day the frosting will have seeped into the brownie a little, making the whole consistency more cookie-ish than brownie-esque, & insanely yummy.

I cut ours brownie style & garnished with an Oreo, but all you need is a glass of milk to really top them off! I had to stop the boyfriend from eating the whole plate, they were that good!

Make sure to let me know if you try out this delish recipe for yourself! & make sure to follow me on Pinterest!

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