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Monday, February 06, 2012

I had an entirely other entry planned but I feel that this one is more important. And different. And could be fun~ So now it's your turn, ladies & gents, to motivate me on this grand Monday! Or maybe just pass along some advice & put good karma into the blogosphere! You in? Here it goes!

I've come to a point in my life where I'd thought I'd have it all figured out by now. Unfortunately, the only things I do know-- I hate driving on the parkway during rush hour, love watching the sunrise, making breakfast & watching Dr. Who, like my caramel macchiatos with extra caramel, am obsessed with pecan sandies,-- provide absolutely no direction to which way is up or, rather, forward. I feel like I've reached a dead end as opposed to a fork in the road as far as my future goes. I've arrived but have no idea where I am, what I'm doing, or how in the world I will figure out the way home. I feel like for the past 21 years I've been the perfect understudy for the role of an adult. I can act it perfectly behind the curtains when no one is looking, but once I'm up, spotlight and all eyes on me, I freeze, forget my lines and beg for another rehearsal, another 5 minutes, doing anything and everything to stall. I am all about doing what I love but, truth be told, I love doing a lot of things-- shopping, blogging, Facebooking, Pinteresting, Tumblring, baking, eating, laughing-- that can't actually be applied to a profession. Well, then let's go to what you are good at? I'm good at a lot as well but not exactly great-- I can make graphics, take pictures, give advice, make you smile, organize your house or your birthday party, occupy your kids for a few hours, find the coolest gift ideas, complain. So how do I know what's right for me? Do I take all of these things and try to make something of them? There isn't exactly a manual for deciding the rest of your life...

So here's my conversation starter/ motivation ice breaker for guys:
How did you know what you wanted to do? Did you get a light bulb moment or did it just come to you naturally? Did you grow up wanting to be your profession? Did you sit in class & go, "this is it!"? How did you figure out what was for you & what wasn't? Was it based on what you loved? What you were good at? Did you bust your butt to be better at it? Did you cry? Are you happy? Would you have had it any other way?

Lots of questions but contribute whatever you would like that you feel you wish you would have known when you were facing the same questions! Feel free to answer anonymously or whichever way fits your fancy! Are you stuck at the same dead end as me? Looking for similar insights? Sometimes even just saying you're going through a similar situation is enough! I'm just looking for a different perspective, so if anyone feel like helping a poor girl out, just let me know with a comment down below :)

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