it's a mad, mad world! part 1: the clothes

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This upcoming Sunday, Mad Men makes a much awaited return to the tube. To be honest, other than looking forward to where the amazing plot will go & ogling the dapper Donald Draper for an hour, I am super excited to see the clothes the ladies will be donning this season! While us Mad women won't be able to wear Joan, Betty, & Peggy's exact attire, Banana Republic's Mad Men Collection brings us as close as can be with their Spring collection. And the best part? The mix of neutrals with cool and warm tones, and 1960s sophistication and style with a 21st century flare, make each piece versatile for all seasons.

(Images via GQ)

My favorite piece out of the entire collection, besides the men's line which is tempting me to overhaul my guy's closet (I have a feeling he wouldn't be too crazy about it, though), is that gorgeous fuchsia party dress. It simply screams suare (or in my retail rationalization, my friend's wedding)! In my opinion, you can never have too many party dresses... or cigarette pants... or pretty necklaces!

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