the grands doughnut showdown!

Monday, February 27, 2012

As I've stated in entries long past, my boyfriend, Frank, & I have very different tastes. For example, he's a cook and I'm primarily a baker. He likes making up crazy concoctions to see if they work out, I go by a recipe. One thing we both clearly have in common? The competitive bug! So this past weekend I bought 2 packages (they were on sale!) of Grands biscuits to try out this lovely recipe (can you tell Pinterest is my best friend these days?), little did I know it would turn into a bake-off on who could make the yummiest donuts from them! Check out our doughnut showdown, aka 2 very delicious ways to make yummy donuts from that can of Grands you have sitting in your fridge!

First things first, pick your team, er, method...

A buttery, powdered sugar treat!

1 Can of Grands Biscuits (not the flaky kind!), oil fry them in, confectioners sugar, (optional: 4tbs melted butter), skillet & tongs

Remove your grands, separate, & use a cookie cutter to create a hole in the middle of each doughey piece. I used a heart shape to take advantage of a loong post-Valentine's day weekend :)

Cute, huh?

Now that you're all done, go heat your oil in your skillet; I filled up the skillet about halfway

Drop those suckers in when it gets all bubbly & hot!

Keep close attention to them, they can cook quite fast! Turn them over when they become a nice brownish color

Lay them on a paper-towel covered plate to get the excess oil off when they're cooked on both sides

Wait until they are cooled (or in my case, cool to the touch) to dip them in melted butter & then cover them in confectioners sugar (or, simply confectioners sugar if you don't want a buttery taste)

& there you go! Literally BEYOND addicting. I almost ate the entire plate before Frank was done making his!

The rough, no fuss snack!

Here's what you'll need: 1 Can of Grands Biscuits (not the flaky kind!), oil fry them in, sugar, light brown sugar, skillet & tongs

Make a hole in the center of each dough piece with your finger

Heat up a pan with oil that will cover the doughnuts about halfway.

When it gets hot, drop them in!

While you wait for them to cook on one side mix regular & light brown sugar together in a bowl

Flip & take out the fully cooked doughnuts once they get to a darker, brownish color & cover in your sugary mix & serve!

Who do you think won this doughnut showdown?

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