top 5 picks: kate spade new york - spring 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

So Kate Spade New York's new and fresh spring/summer line has hit the shelves and I instantly want everything (which is not even an overstatement). Here are my top 5 picks from the line that would be in my checkout cart before you could say "get in my wardrobe" (if money were no option, of course!):

5. All Aboard Little Gia: I wonder what goodies you could hide in this quaint letter pouch addressed to one Wallingford Tate?
4. Geometric Sonja Dress: I can imagine wearing this with a floppy hat at a BBQ in the middle of summer, sipping Mimosas & watching the sun go down.
3. All Eyes iPhone 4 Case: I loved when these mysterious eyes turned up, cleverly enough, in the glasses cases of Kate Spade Eyewear and, now they can keep watch to who's listening while you make your calls!
2. Striped Adette Dress: This dress is so divine you can take it from cold winter parties to nautical summers. Absolute adoration!
1. "Eat Cake for Breakfast" Terry Tote: Since the day the Spring collection was released I've had this bag on the brain. So far I have announced to my family members that this is what I would like for my birthday/graduation/Christmas gift this year (& then left the web page open all day on the computer just in case they didn't know where to find it :D).

Kate Spade, you make me do some crazy things! Check out the rest of her newly added goodies here & let me know what you're coveting!

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