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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When I was 11 years old I had this bright orange peasant top that I would wear every single weekend to my best friend's house. It was my favorite shirt at the time & I thoroughly believed it brought me luck (my first real crush lived in her building & I swore that I saw him every time I wore it). But, from 7th grade onward my love for that shirt, and the color orange, was altogether squashed and entirely forgotten. Only just recently, starting with my need for Kate Spade's lovely 'Eat Cake for Breakfast' Terry Tote, have I regained an affinity for the bright, tangeriney, in-your-face chroma. Ever since, I've found myself searching out orange lipstick, the perfect red/orange nail polish, and made my final coat decision on one in the color 'vibrant flame.'

(l to r: kate spade new york spring 2012, zooey deschanel, vintage popular penguins book, vintage hermes bag, vogue, painted orange swatches, orange lipstick)

Although it's one of those colors that needs to grow on you, somehow I don't think that I will be as regretful of sporting orange on a daily basis as I was 10 years ago!

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