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Sunday, January 08, 2012

Back when I was a teenager & I'd have to beg my parents to buy me new clothes, I'd prey on the sales and clearances from my favorite websites to get the best for the few bucks they would shell out. Lucky for me that bug never disappeared and I just so happened to stumble on these beauties on Alloy's clearance:

I don't own a pair of brown flats of any kind and after getting into the 2 week philosophically-deep debate, that I now force myself to go through before making a purchase (do I need them? DO I REALLY NEED THEM? What will I wear them with? OK, what else?! Are you sure? Super positively sure? Sure sure?!) I Pinterest-ed some cute outfits that would go darling with them.

J. Crew

The Sartorialist

Street style

The Pure Aesthetic


Gossip Girl

And, we have a winner! Apparently these shoesies look great with everything, from pants to dresses, in both warm & cold weather. The brown makes them versatile for all seasons, and are appropriate for both work and play. Which had me wondering-- is there anything they don't look adorable with?

As you've probably guessed I am anxiously checking back every day to make sure they are still available in my size for their very cheap price + shipping, as well as waiting for my credit card balance for the month to go through to spend the few bucks I made from a textbook sale to buy these darlings. Oh the journey of a poor girl!

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