if money were no option: fifi style!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Amongst Juicy Couture's new & nautically adorable arrivals, waaay at the very bottom, I found this lovely watercolors set featuring the very fashionable blogspot bun, Fifi Lapin. Even though this adorable set is not the priciest (a steal at $28 straight from the Juicy Couture site) there still isn't enough moolah in my poor girl fund to afford it & its triple-threat cuteness. & I clearly had to resist the urge to buy it! Here's how my mind sees things: Item featuring bunnies? Buy. Item featuring cute fashionable bunnies? Super buy! Artsy items featuring cute fashionable french blogging bunnies? MUST. OWN. NOW. *Confirmation email appears*

Lucky for me it was 3am when I stumbled upon this beaut and I was too tired to go find my wallet! However, if you are not on a poor girl diet aka money is no option for you, grab your wallet & go buy this baby! Nothing beats a grown up watercolor set to have on hand for those early morning painting urges, or a cute, fashionable artsy bun case to display on your shelves & remind you of how fashionably blog savvy you are :).

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