the winter coat conspiracy.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

One of the main dilemmas I reach as soon as winter hits is to either be fashionable or functional. Yes, that jacket may be the cutest one of the hanger but am I going to be freezing my butt off? It seems that only the ugliest of puffer jackets keep me warm, & because of this my style ends up in the toilet by the time March rolls around. Ironically the night before the blizzard hit last weekend I was perusing online sites for something that was pretty, while still having the ability to keep me insanely warm once it hits below freezing. I have yet to find something that is the perfect balance, while still being in my budget (I would have definitely purchased J. Crew's Plaza Coat in every single color by now if money were no option). Here are some of the fabulous winter coat styles I've been collecting for my lookbook board on Pinterest to help me narrow down exactly what I'm looking for as far as fashion goes:

The Sartorialist

Kelly O' Shiro

Cheetah is the New Black

J. Crew


Have you lovelies ever found the perfect winter coat? Any suggestions on the warmest, chicest outerwear you've ever purchased?

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