what was left of our summer skin.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I bundled up as usual today, but ended up practically stripping & rolling down as many windows as I could on my way to school. It was beyond gorgeous--a summery, 66º day & all I could think about was being outside. Despite the list of things I had to accomplish in the library, I made it my business to get some pics before the glorious sun went down-- you'd be surprised how difficult that is after day light savings! To celebrate summer's last hurrah & fall's official beginning (temperature-wise) I decided to wear some of my favorite pieces from both seasons & make my first style post. So, FINALLY!, here it is! Hello outfit-iers! Corinne here!

This is the face I have in pictures whenever my boyfriend takes them. Seriously. Every time without fail ;)

Did you notice the amazing lining of this regular corduroy coat? Tiny brown squirrels. Isn't it just fantastic?

Sweater: F21
Shorts: Alloy
Shoes: Target
Jacket: Delia*s purchase in high school
Necklace & Bag: Kate Spade
Nail polish: Meet Me At Sunset by Essie

It's just a simple start but I'm glad I (finally) started at all! I really hope to upkeep these kinds of entries (as that's the reason why I started it to begin with)! :)

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