wear my wellies & look cute too?

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yesterday I made the mistake of wearing the wrong footwear during a rainstorm & then multiplied my stupidity by writing about it on Facebook (my friend Sal had no problem telling me about this great invention called sneakers that are a good alternative to no-rain moccasins & rain boots--there, you've been quoted!:)). But it had me wondering, can rain wear be functionally fashionable?

Cupcakes & Cashmere
Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

I've always had a problem dressing both cute & functional for the rainstorms or blizzards that undoubtedly pass through New York. But these gals definitely show how truly versatile wellies can be! Booties seem to be another cute alternative to ugly weather shoes, & a trench is clearly a necessity for those dark & gloomy days. Next rainstorm? Totally busting out a dress & some leggings with my trench & rain boots! At least then I'll still look cute if it doesn't pour & not have wet feet if it does :)

How do you guys stay fashionable & functional during those gross, want-to-wear-sweats kind of days?

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