the ugg boot vaccine.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Now that the snow has fallen and the fast forward through fall has begun, Uggs are in abundance everywhere you turn (Iona being the prime example). However,'s Talking Fashion Live Q&A with Holly Thomas says that, "Uggs should be a last resort -- or better yet, reserved for the ski resort." Many people disagree, practically living in their Ugg boots, possibly all year long. But have these ugly, hoof-footed boots transcended trend to become a full, blown out epidemic? Do you find yourself wearing leggings for pants? Sportswear as full time clothing? If you think that any of these may apply to you, Uggcitrin, the Ugg boot vaccine, may be for you. Check out the inspirational video below for more information:

I myself am an owner of Ugg boots and find myself doing almost all of the things mentioned in the video. To those who have never owned a pair, get the vaccine, it may just save your winter-boot life, despite how cold your feet may be. I've made it my business to not have elephant feet this winter, have you? Make sure to click the link below for more information!

This by far had to be the funniest thing I've ever stumbled upon on the web & simply had to pass this gag along from the Huffington Post through my own personal gag post! In all seriousness, though, Uggs may be the ugliest, most expensive shoes I've ever purchased, but they really are the warmest winter boot IN EXISTENCE. And I will admit, I have committed those awful fashion sins while wearing Ugg boots, all which look good on no one by the way (so don't do it gals, ok?)! I will continue to rock my Ugg boots this winter because, like the last girl states in the video, they really are so comfy & too warm to pass up! Just make sure that they don't spread because no one likes having furry Ugg hooves for hands :) Happy (ugly but warm) boot wearing season, fashionistas!

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