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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I really must sincerely apologize to all of my lovely readers for being MIA this past week or so. I just recently started a morning job watching 2 adorable kids that has me waking up at 5AM (which is the most difficult thing to get used to when you're a night owl), then either coming home and getting changed for school or heading straight there for a long day of classes. Between my messed up sleep cycles (crashed at around noon today, woke up at 9), the crazy amounts of last minute homework assignments that are springing up out of nowhere (threw together a forgotten 3 page assignment in 2 hours last night, crashed at 12, woke up by 5), weekend festivities (was everyones' parents getting busy in may/june!?), and my usual running about, I have not had time for a darn thing (except maybe updating my Facebook every now & again with complaints or smiley faces)!
It's literally been a tiring, jampacked worldwind of madness, so for that I apologize. But I'm still here! Still surviving! Lots to do & report on over this vacation so check back for updates! Right now I'm off to eat quickly & go see My Week with Marilyn with my best friend-- more updates to come! <3

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