the dreamboat coat quest.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

One of the many things I did whilst away from this lovely blog was go coat shopping. Despite the fact that I am always on the hunt, this endeavor wasn't planned whatsoever and was mainly done to waste time and because I was in the area of a Burlington Coat Factory. Thinking that the words "Coat Factory" being in the name would give me some luck definitely put my expectations way too high. I left, unfortunately, very empty handed. My main problem? No heavy, warm coats in petite sizes. You already know from my previous gripes over coats on how difficult it is to find a heavyweight pretty petite coat.
Well, tonight, while online window shopping on J. Crew for very very cheap sale items (which seem to be an oxymoron on this site) I spotted a coupon code up top. Hmmm, I thought, let's see how that works out. Remember that plaza coat? With tax & shipping-- $333. With the promo code, which gives you 25% off & free shipping--$243. About 10 minutes, phone call deliberations rationalizing the purchase, and a crack into my savings account later, the dream coat is mine.

Only 3-6 days til the dreamboat coat is here!

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