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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Please excuse my horrible blog manners at not posting a darn thing or returning comments since last week. You know when you have a fabulous day, like dreamily fantastic--& then it ends in the worst nightmare possible? That was my Thursday. I, unfortunately, lost my job & have just gotten over the mourning period, truth be told. I was in tears from the time it happened on Thursday until Friday, woke up late, dragged my feet, accomplished nothing, went to parties all weekend for my family & tried to forget about it, attempted to eat my weight in chocolate mochi, spent my 3am insomnia applying for jobs I will never get considering my availability with school. Woke up at 1pm on Monday, skipped 2 classes, cleaned my entire room, went to my night classes until 9:30 (a painful PAINFUL 3 hours of hunger pangs & presentations that took 4 times as long because the computers are crap at my school). & today I actually got back on my feet & accomplished far more than I have in 1 day in years. I'm coming back, I'm regrouping, I'm smiling again. It's ok. Life is not over. It is just going to be a very DIY-Christmas & a lot more swooning over wishlists rather than buying. Hey, if anyone is good at being a poor girl, it's me! ;) & in a sense, a big part of who I am is coming back; I love to DIY, bake, dress up & have photoshoots & this is just another opportunity to enjoy stuff like that before the real real world actually hits;)

I'm already starting to actually ENJOY things, accomplishing a lot school-wise & to-do list-wise. If this was the other me I'd be scrambling like a chicken with my head cut off, looking at my watch every 10 seconds, doing a half assed job, & pretty much running in place & wasting time. I haven't worn my watch so far this week & I actually thinked I stopped running everywhere (I walk so fast that my neighbors actually joke about it with me). I even made my own coffee this morning & woke up, seriously, slightly rested.
I'm not saying that unemployment is the best thing since sliced bread, but maybe this happened for a reason. An existent silver lining maybe? Out of all the gin joints in all the world, chance walked into mine last Thursday. Maybe this is my new chance.

Anywho, I am currently finishing up some schoolwork for the week, but I just wanted to let you guys know I'm still alive & well & here & promise to start something amazing with this blog:) My plan is to update a lot more & live up to my goal of making this an outfit & attire blog, like so many that I admire, so maybe this is my chance!
As for the new ad-itions, does it look completely & utterly ugly like this? Does anyone else have Adsense & know a more aesthetic layout? Or is it something you get used to? I am still a total blogspot newbie as far as layouts & html & all this stuff goes, so any & all help is always appreciated! I promise to better improve everything for you guys & hope you will stay with me on this new journey in my life (what I lack in funding I will make up with in richness in my entries ;D)!

Much love & happiness to you on this very chilly evening in NY,

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