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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Took this from one of my favorite redheaded bloggers ever, Elsa Billgren who took it from another blogger who--you get the picture! If you've never been to her blog go IMMEDIATELY, it is beyond gorgeous/magical/beyond fantastical, & that's alone is a very big understatement :)

I long for:
summer nights in Italy, walking around with no cares, playing house, & taking a real break from the world. & god, that weather!

I regret:
nothing! it's cliche but right now I'm ok where I am & I'm happy so I must have done something right ^_^

I eat anything:
period. I will try anything once (as long as you don't tell me how gross it may be until after I eat it!)

The best things I know are:
ballet flats, warm sweaters, caramel macchiatos, makeout sessions, naps, knitting, christmas music, great nights with friends where you laugh like a crazy person...

I look forward with horror delight:
at graduating this May. I've spent so long wanting to be a grown up & now that I am I just want to be a kid again! It's scary & exciting & petrifying & gosh, so eye opening!

I've read:
nothing besides school related stuff lately. But 'Skinny Bitch' is on my list!

I'm crazy stressed about:
Not getting my loan for next semester, basically making me unable to graduate on time & god knows what other domino effects it will have. That would just about put me over the deep end, I think. But I have high hopes & no worry for another week or so, so happy thoughts & crossed fingers until then! :)

I listen at anytime to:
The Shins! They always put a smile on my face, mostly because it reminds me of high school. Or 90s music because it makes me nostalgic :)

I dream about:
Homemade present ideas for Christmas & baked goods for the holidays! >Pinterest & Craft Gawker have been only adding to the ideas floating around in my head!

I'm nostalgic for:
elementary school days, being a kid again, all of my family that is no longer with us, old friends, & Pennsylvania bus trips, hot cocoa, reading Harry Potter books late at night :)

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