spring 2012: made in the spade.

Friday, October 14, 2011

If you don't already know, I'm kind of a kate spade new york junkie. Before my journalism midterm yesterday I snuck a peak on their official tumblr & saw the AMAZINGNESS (which is now officially a word) that is their Spring 2012 collection. I was immediately awestruck & had to contain my squees in a very quiet computer room.

I've already created a mental wishlist for next season's collections, & THIS is at the top of my list:

that bag! it simply MUST BE MINE. have to have it. saving for it. getting it. the end. :)!

Spade totally aces it for me again-- classic pieces, A-line skirts, cleverly catchy phrases on shirts, pops of color, & everything being so simple yet so marvelously new & fresh & chic... *sigh* I'm positive that this officially put me over the edge... I definitely have spring fever & autumn is not even fully upon us!

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