a snow day on halloweekend.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

On Saturday morning, after a long night of searching out winter coats & gloves for the coming months, I awoke quite late to a snowstorm, of all things, outside of my window. Oh, the irony!

1, 2, 3, SNOW!

If there is one thing I am not a fan of AT ALL, it is snow. I am a lifelong New Yorker, I've grown up with the gorgeous snowfalls, the days when you'd sleep in late & drink hot chocolate all day because your school was closed, the few, beautiful Christmases that were picturesque with flurries--I'd loved it for years. But now, as an adult with a car, with emails of snow day makeup homework & barely any school closings (meaning deadly drives in my jalopy), & after the preposterous blizzards that happened over the past year, I've just about had my fill of snow for the next 3 lifetimes. Digging your car out of almost 5 feet of snow more than once in a 1 month span can do that to a girl! Not to mention shoveling, swollen, frozen hands--seriously, I can create lists of reasons for why I hate this weather! So there's my rationale for all of you evil, evil snow lovers, or Californians, gazing at this entry in wonder on why in the world I would be throwing a temper tantrum over a little snow ;)

On top of that, the boyfriend & I lost our chance to babysit his fun little nieces (due to a canceled Halloween party), & my own niece & sister couldn't make the trip down from upstate so that we could celebrate her 8th birthday. On top of fact that this was all wrecked by snow that decided to hit November did, to put it quite bluntly, I was outraged. I planned on spending the day being annoyed inside & planning my move to Cali, but the boyfriend had different plans.

We headed to, of all places, a grocery store (always a treat when people are preparing for a snowpocalypse), picked up food (the most randomest of items), & basked in the slushy wonderland surrounding us (with me moaning over how ruined my Uggs were with every step). We then spent the night inside under layers of clothes & blankets watching home movies & scary movies & doing absolutely nothing. It was quite fabulous. Not exactly how I thought I'd be spending my Halloweekend, but further adding to the fact that in life, there is never a dull moment! Luckily for us, we didn't lose power at all, no real snow damage occurred to either of our houses/vehicles, & all of the snow has virtually turned into soft, slushy ice water (that will most likely turn to just ice in the forthcoming warmer weather).

It's still a gigantic mess by me & I know a bunch of people who weren't as lucky as us, were any of you affected by this ridiculous weather, or know someone who was? Or have you ever experienced crazy weather like this before?

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