apple gruyere pie, oh my.

Monday, October 10, 2011

On Saturday, I decided to put those apples from my apple picking weekend to good use & make a pie with Gruyere cheese baked into the crust a la Pushing Daisies. I'd never baked a pie before but it was a lot more fun, and less tedious, than my usual baking extravaganzas!

my dad's latest investment & frank's best friend while helping me!

apparently apple peels make good bunny treats ^_^

I grated gruyere cheese for the crust...

& put that bad boy in the oven

I also used some of the left over Gruyere to sprinkle on the pie just out of the oven

I used a basic apple pie recipe, improvising on most of the measurements, & some fabulous Trader Joe's gourmet crusts & it turned out to be quite a hit; the cheese definitely added a little umph to the usual apple taste. We took a bite about an hour after it cooled & it was just fantastic (if I do say so myself)! My only problems was it being rather watery on the inside after it came out of the oven, which I have sworn to fix next time (as it baffled me quite a bit)-- but not too bad for my first pie! I can't wait for the holiday season to hit so that I have more excuses to make all different kinds of pies with crazy things baked into the crust! Or maybe even this darling cup-pie recipe that has also been on my brain... so much to look forward to on the baking front!
Any great recipes you guys are excited to bust out as the weather starts getting colder? Do share! :)

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