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Monday, October 17, 2011

That fantabulous kept secret from Friday was all about Harry Potter! Spike TV was holding a secret taping for their segment airing on the Scream Awards for the Final Farewell to Harry Potter so my sister, best of friends, & I made the trek down to the city, dressed as those from the Wizarding world, to give him a proper goodbye!

Bellatrix doesn't understand these Muggle platforms

Moaning Myrtle chilling in her toilet

Moaning Myrtle in the Lavatory with a Death Eater, no wonder she's smiling!

We didn't bring our cameras because we thought they weren't allowed but we had our phones (hense the small photos) & took some awesome pics with some amazing costumed fans in the holding area, aka Harry Potter-con. I swear, by the time we were getting hauled outside I completely forgot that we were at a taping, it was more like an amazing HP get together amongst fans than anything else!

That's just half of the holding theater!

Bellatrix, Snape, & a loyal Death Eater

Tom Riddle & Moaning Myrtle

Slytherin Diana & I


Chamber of Secrets come to life!: Ginny, Tom Riddle, & Myrtle

a fellow Myrtle!

Diana & I waiting to go outside for taping

Dan Rad in the flesh!

Spike TV's tweeted photo!

Rachel's Bellatrix costume was a HUGE hit & just about everyone took pictures with her; I met a fellow Moaning Myrtle, the Bloody Baron, & the nicest Tom Riddle ever! Jack got interviewed by Spike TV & our picture was even on Spike TV's official Twitter (as seen above)! I totally teared up at their final goodbye movie collaboration & got to see Dan Rad & an exclusive preview his new movie, The Woman in Black, up close & personal. It was such a long day but I am really so happy we got to be a part of it, meet some awesome Potterheads, & make my 11 year old self squee a little on the inside!

Make sure to check out the Scream Awards this Tuesday night, you might just get a glimpse of us :)

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