colorfully convinced.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

I am a serious sucker for bright colors in the colder seasons-- mostly because I always say that I will make my autumn/winter outfits brighter & never do. The abundance of black, white, purple, and red attire on the racks, & the fact that everything that isn't dark & drab can usually double for summer attire are usually what do me in. And, at some point, I am simply way too cold to worry about being fashionable & freezing when my warmest, ugliest sweater is staring me in the face. However, J. Crew had me wide eyed and drooling at their amazingly bright Fall/Winter Looks (They) Love that is completely work & play functional, not to mention colorfully inspiring. And every look is topped with a jacket or warm sweater, giving me some hope that maybe a colorfully cold season can actually be achieved!

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