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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Sorry for the less than up to par entries to anyone who is still reading (or have I lost you all due to boredom?) but I've spent all of my time lately making study guides, running around, working, & cramming for tests at any possible second I've had free this week; midterm season has begun!

Last night, in the middle of studying for my Earth Science midterm (aka right on the borderline between hysteria and insanity) I literally felt my room closing in around me. I've been dropping things everywhere in my room the past week or so &, combine that with the huge anxiety cloud hanging over my head & I just COULD NOT concentrate. So I decided to take a breather, dance to some old school Britney, & feng shui the hell out of my room to help me think clearer, or just feel less claustrophobic.
My bulletin board had not been changed since the beginning of last semester & I had fall inspiration clippings piled up a mile high on my table so I thought, why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone? This is the result!

I've got hair inspiration, coat inspiration (& the AMAZING camel coat that started it all in that lovely girl in the striped skirt- top rightish), Joanna Hillman!, scarf inspiration, outfit inspo, some remnants from the fantastic Alexander McQueen exhibit I saw one lucky Monday in the city with Jack & Chelsea (when she worked at the Met!), & a teensy bit of guidance for when I feel like I'm going to lose it completely- an article entitled "How to Stay Calm Under Pressure" (apparently my zen Italian self knew I'd get back to that somehow, huh?). It is so refreshing to look at that organized little board everyday & not a mess.

Overall the room clean really helped, & after tidying up I studied for my test with a lot more ease. I'm currently crossing my fingers that I did as good as I think I did today on the actual test. Now, only a ton of assignments, briefs, study guides, & ayeayeayes to go! I promise to be back as soon as I can- possibly with some surprises/changes/fun things occurring so, if I lost your interest from my crappy entries this past week, I hope I regained you with that! *wink*
Much much love & affection to all of you who actually read this! <3

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