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Friday, September 30, 2011

I've learned 2 things since returning from my summer abroad (where time did not matter) & getting back into school & work (where time matters the most): 1. finding the perfect watch is a quest equivalent to discovering the holy grail &, 2. I need something, other than a phone, to tell me how many minutes are left of this boring lecture/on the clock before I can punch out & run home.
After falling in love with a certain Fossil watch & having it disappear before I had the chance to buy it, I searched for something similarly pretty, something differently pretty, & when both plans tried & failed- just a neutral watch that told the darn time. Instead, I stumbled upon this beauty the other day after my 40th trip to the watch section of Macy*s & think I'd met my match.

Although it is completely different from what I was visually looking for it is, overall, everything I was looking for in a watch: simple, classic, goes with everything, & doesn't have any gross rhinestones that just about every watch out there does. & it reminds me of something Jenny from 'An Education' would wear (vintagey chic, yes?) It has not left my wrist since the moment I bought it & I really enjoy the fact that I don't need to try to locate any wall clocks, sneak peaks at my professor's watch as he lectures, or run around like the white rabbit unnecessarily or, rather, more frequently than I already do.

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