more clueless than i'd thought.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I was feeling a little under the weather since Sunday, so in an attempt to make myself focus less on my lack of breathing in one nostril, head pains, and overall fatigue, I decided to keep it positive & fashionably kick some ass in, of all things, cat eyes & thigh highs. Turning myself into a Cher from Clueless wasn't exactly the plan but it kind of turned out that way, huh?

Shorts & Shirt: Forever 21
Key Necklace: Gift
Cardigan: Joseph Anthony
Thigh Highs & Flats: Charlotte Russe

The best part of the day? Besides getting a laugh from my boyfriend asking why I looked Scottish (not exactly the most knowledgeable about girly hosiery items, my guy), was this random girl in class telling me I looked cute. Nothing can alleviate a headache more than a compliment, or running into an old friend afterward. My Monday blues disseminated shortly after both.

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