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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

In honor of my 1 month anniversary of this blog (*squee*) I thought that I'd post a little bit more about myself for your reading enjoyment since there's not much about me besides that tiny tiny sidebar paragraph over there on your left. So here's 14 random facts about me:

1. Besides 2 or 3 pieces of purple clothing I barely touch, I don't wear the color at all. See, totally random fact :)

2. I have a pet rabbit named Jojo. He's a white and brown Holland lop & I adopted him in 2008.

(Check out his actual size in the first picture's bottom left corner) I also have 2 cats- Spooky, a black siamese, & Moosh, a rescued tabby. I & my family adore animals.

3. Despite my 5'0 stature, I live in ballet flats. I'm a fast walker so me & heels don't mix very well when it come to functionality.

4. I am obsessed with Hello Kitty and Marilyn Monroe. My room is decked out in Marilyn Monroe posters and my car is basically a Hello Kitty Mobile. & this is what I use to post my entries :)

5. I collect nutcrackers; no idea why or how that began but I have since I was about 9 or so.

6. Dream job? Working for Kate Spade New York as an advertiser, pr specialist --anything as long as I'm not working retail! I simply ADORE everything about the company.

7. I desperately want to visit Paris one day in the late spring.

8. I'm a verrry fast talker.

9. I have an addiction with cutting my hair. Until I was 11 years old I'd had long, down to my butt, hair until my mom finally took me to get it cut and highlighted. Since then I've been unable to get longer than shoulder length (the shortest being in my first semester of college).

10. My favorite movie of all time is the Wizard of Oz. I used to dress up like Dorothy and watch the movie every day on repeat when I was little.

11. I lovelovelove doing DIY projects: gifts, paper crafts, knitting, etc.

12. I love redheads, and actually was one for a short period of time ^_^

13. The amount of times to-date that this blue and white polka dot shirt has been featured on this site: 3

14. The name of this blog stands for my love of the cat eye makeup and old fashioned thigh highs from the olden days of glamor and fashion-- the little things that doubled as functional and sexy, glamorous and badass, and most of all, classy. To me, when you have on cat eye makeup & thigh highs you can take on the whole world & look damn good doing it-- a la the Superman suit for the modern day woman, if you will ;D & the addition of red lipstick goes without saying!

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