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Friday, September 09, 2011

I'm not the most knowledgeable person about sports, let alone tennis, but when one of my best friends told me she had two tickets to the U.S. Open and, did I want to come? I simply couldn't resist. I'd never been to a tennis game so why not? We took the subway down early on the cloudy Sunday and, after I grabbed a $5 water, headed to find our seats. To our surprise, we found ourselves not exactly in the mezzanine, but here:

The water, amongst other things, was entirely gratis and beyond a dream; one of our 2 attendants is actually in this picture enjoying the view before the match. Diana & I watched Nadal and Nalbandian duke it out, ate our weight in buffet food, Ben & Jerry's ice cream cones, made coffee in the Keurig, stuffed our face with desserts and munchies, and relaxed in the air conditioning when the heat got too much (& questioned how the players were even surviving). We saw the beginning of the Andy Roddick match before wandering around the park and city for the rest of the afternoon. It was an adventure wrapped in a dream inside of an amazing day.

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