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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

As soon as the weather starts getting colder I think of, and get the urge to watch, one of my all time favorite shows, Pushing Daisies. With its quirky detective plot, adorable cast, amazing clothes, and a beautifully technicolor setting, P.D. is a dream come to life (pun entirely intended). It's just one of those lovable shows you wish was real so that you could eat at the Pie Hole, be neighbors with Olive Snook, ask Emerson Cod for the pattern to his knitted gun holster, and borrow clothes from Chuck's closet. And if that doesn't hook you, here are just a few peeks at Chuck, and other characters' amazing wardrobes:

Nipped in the bud far before it's time by the unfortunate writer's strike a few years back, the love for the pie maker and his lonely tourist still remain on tumblr, livejournal, twitter, and in Bryan Fuller's comic which continues where the show left off, and whose release date is still TBA (& killing all of the fans slowly)! If you are a fan, both seasons are currently on sale on I'm currently resisting going over my monthly spending to invest in those bad boys!) If you have never seen this amazing show, definitely give it a watch! I promise, you will gain more than just a love for pie!

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