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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Two quite important facts about me (& this story): 1. I am obsessed with kate spade new york &, 2. I have the WORST LUCK (& it's genetic, too)!

Well, whilst avoiding my Media Law & Ethics paper that just wasn't writing itself, I popped open the Kate Spade NY & Jetsetter site to enter into their dreamy getaway to Lake Como, Italy. Although I was denied the luxury of being whisked back to Italia anytime soon I put in my name for their post-instant giveaway for this adorable polka dot makeup case afterward & TADA! I won. Soon after I got the confirmation email (despite me freaking out/doubting it for about 20 minutes straight) & I will be seeing this bad boy close to the holiday season:

Yes, universe, you have officially blown my mind!

You can enter to win either prize once per day so check it out, your luck may turn out to be a lot better than you though!: Kate Spade + Jetsetter Sweepstakes

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