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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Do I even need to gush about how amazing Jeffrey Campbell's shoes are? Not only are each one of his shoes amazingly comfortable despite their height, but each style is both architecturally and cleverly constructed into jaw dropping footwear -- & Night Walk is no exception to being another badass work of art. It is the perfect balance of sinister and sweet and definitely on my Fall superduper-wishlist-- and not only because I'm curious about how the heck I would keep my balance in these things. I imagine myself partying late at night on St. Marks with my friends & singing "Marry the Night" through the streets wearing these bad boys. And, let's be serious here, how many shoes make you imagine amazing nights?

All but one size is sold out on these Maryjane wonders so until size 6 comes back in stock I'm going to fawn over his other amazing styles!

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