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Monday, September 12, 2011

Last Saturday my lovely boyfriend decided to suprise me with a trip to an amazing outlet mall (*die*) about an hour away. Although I did almost go slightly insane, whip out my wallet, and buy an YSL tote I didn't need, reaaaally expensive Chloe flats that I definitely didn't need, and even considered a pair of Crocs sneaker-looking flats (can anyone say over the edge?) I resisted with all of my might... but I did spend a little. My poor white patent H&M flats that I've been wearing since forever are on their way out, so when I spotted these leather bad boys at J. Crew for cheap I simply had to buy them. I regret nothing considering that they are beyond comfortable and I haven't been able to get them off of my feet since the day of! Now I just need to find them in black and life will be perfection!
Right after our trip to J. Crew I stumbled upon Rosebud Salve in the American Apparel store and finally gave in-- and it turned out to be a dollar less than what I'd almost previously bought it for so I felt a little less guilty with my purchase. So far no complaints and I love the soft pink tint it gives my lips while still hydrating a ton; I have a feeling this is going to be my best friend once winter hits.
On the way home we made one last stop at a beauty store outlet (yes, my boyfriend is amazing) and I found the perfect red-orange color for fall, that I've been searching for everywhere, in Essie's Geranium. Now my almost-finished Essie Russian Roulette can finally take a vacation and my lobster red nails can reign supreme this season :)

How about you blogospherical gals, any amazing deals you've picked up this weekend?

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