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Monday, August 29, 2011

I know it's corny but I have a thing for quotes, sayings, textual cheer leading & just all around words that make you think. One of the biggest things that popped into my head today was what my Media Law & Ethics teacher asked at the end of his first class: "What have you done for your career today? & no, coming to class is not an answer."

Well, what have I done?

Coming from an internship in a profession I later decided against & the painful "just work to get the paycheck" life that has been the past & continuing 4 years of my life- well, it seems that I haven't done much. Unfortunately staring longingly into magazines or online wishing & hoping is not an answer either, I suppose. Starting this blog is a start, I can say that, but even that isn't exactly enough. Am I sitting here with an internship, a goal, or just dreams? Am I hoping something will hit me on the head or pick me randomly one day out of the millions of people fighting for it? Well, yes.

I've never exactly thought of how I was going to get to the place I wanted to be, or even an exact destination.. until this class. When he asked us, plain out, what our dream job was I almost froze in fear. I'd never really thought about it. As he got closer and closer to my side of the room it just hit me. 2 words: Kate Spade. That was it! I would love to work for that company. For me, it's always been about fashion, about the creative, about the clever, about the omgosh, I want to do that! Wow, who came up with that? Jeeze, they read my mind or FINALLY! I was already a year in advance on that one! I've written tons and tons of essays about my dream job-- the perfect life, stepping out of that cab in the city & heading to a job that I love, about the whirlwind of each day being so fantastic that I'd come home to pistachio ice cream and the love of my life and just gush about it all until I fell asleep. When I though about it for that 10 milliseconds it hit me: I have the passion, I have the multitasking skills, I have the drive, & goshdarnit, I WANT IT SO BAD. Isn't that enough, Mr. Law & Ethics?

After we all blurted out these fantasized realities- the manager of the Knicks, the publicist for Lady GaGa, the editor of Vogue, I expected a snicker, a scoff, a "good luck" even. Me be in the fashion industry? Writing for a fashion magazine? That has always been a dream, but dreams are farfetched, impossibilities we daydream about when we're at our miserable careers, right?
The words that left this man's mouth--the man who worked for Fox and had countless amazing careers, looked us in the face & said, "You can do it. You can get that job. It is in reach, if you work hard..." After 2 decades of hearing this, it finally hit me like a ton of bricks.
"But," he continued, "what have you done today to get yourself there?"

Well, nothing today but tomorrow... why is it always tomorrow?

If there's one thing I've learned from this summer's epiphany is that it's never too late. It can't be. It's never too late to figure out your life, to look at your map and realize you've been heading in the wrong direction & turn around & get it right- but that journey needs to start over right now. Not tomorrow, not an hour from now, just now. And if not now when? What are you waiting for, the water to hit you on the head? Jump in the damn pool and kick your way to the top! Turn the map over & start again. Let go & live; wake up & fight for it. Be brave, believe in yourself, & for a second, believe that you can actually get what you want & be where you want to be. You can write for that magazine, you can manage that team, you can step out of that NYC cab in your Jimmy Choo's like you're Carrie Bradshaw, go into a job you love to do everyday, attend that fashion show, have your pistachio ice cream & make out with your boyfriend too! All it takes is a little

Photo Credit: Tumblr & kate spade new york

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