Sunday, August 14, 2011

I found this picture on a website today & it hit me-- there I was, sitting in my room on my laptop, telling myself I'd make a fashion blog tomorrow or the day after or sometime next week, and putting it off another few years for no reason. Why had I waited so long? I could sit on my butt on Tumblr and Facebook all day but couldn't muster up the strength to start something I've wanted for years now? Well, fellow internet fashionistas here I am! My name is Corinne & I am the gal behind Cat Eyes & Thigh Highs. I'm currently a poor college student and have the worst luck falling in love with very, very expensive pieces of fashion, whether it be the Marc by Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats I can never seem to find on sale or the Chanel purse I vow to spend my first career paycheck on. I'm a Kate Spade-aholic, Hello Kitty obsessor, and all around art monger. Sometimes I live off of mac & cheese, other times I splurge on yummy macaroons from the French bakery a town over, and other times I'm scarfing down whatever's in the fridge while wearing red lipstick and surfing the internet for fashion inspiration at 3am. This blog will serve as my place to display the looks I love, the things I currently covet, as my own personal outfit journal, as well as daily diary of my everyday life (at least the interesting, fashionable related parts). So wing out your eyeliner, put on your red lipstick and rouge, grab a hold of your thigh highs & come along for the ride, won't you? I promise, it will be a fun ride (& even moreso if you are dressed fashionably!)

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