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Sunday, August 28, 2011

I remember the first time I fell in love with Marc by Marc Jacobs. I’d just started high school and his fall collection had won over my heart. I remember saving almost to ever single picture to my computer vowing to recreate each amazing look on a dress down day (I went to catholic school my entire life & dreamed of life outside of the awful skirted uniforms). I’d usually peruse through websites with all of his amazing, and clever, accessories, creating wishlists and dreaming of the day when I would be able to afford a Stam bag or two. One of his cleverest creations- the Mouse Flat, fully equipped with ears, whiskers, and a tail, was always at the top of each of these lists. I remember seeing them & thinking, that is SO adorable and so genius! I simply MUST have them. so they've remained on a permanent to-buy list, along with Louboutin heels, & the Chanel bag I intend to purchase with my first career paycheck.

But, even years down the line, when I did have the money to purchase them I would always be a step behind. For example, they'd be on sale at Nordstrom-- but not in my size, Rue La La would be having a Marc by Marc Jacobs sale but no Mouse Flats would be in sight, or Gilt would have them but I'd be stuck talking to a teacher after class & would, literally, miss getting them by minutes, or I'd realize the Shop It To Me email would be in my spam when the sale was already over. Or, in today's case, I would not check my email until it was too late, missing them completely & kicking myself for it a little.

Are these flats fated to never fit my feet? Will they forever remain the ones that got away? Until next time, Mouse Flats!!

Photo courtesy of Rue La La's Marc by Marc Jacobs sale today!

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