happy friday!

I've been obsessing over these teddy-esque dogs lately and saw one one day on lunch break and almost had a freak attack. Seriously, on top of their adorable little puppy faces, they are walking teddy bears! Can you blame me?
This weekend I'm off to an exciting girl's night in the city on Saturday, and then spending the day with family to celebrate bunny day! Happy holidays to you & yours!

bunny day.

My family has always been big about decorating/dressing up for holidays, so I have rarely gone a year without being festive around the holidays. However, not many people get festive for the holidays...
easter 2014
Will you be wearing your Bun-day best this weekend or donning simple accessories to Easter-fy your look? Let me know in a comment below!

oh, margot!

I recently watched 'The Wolf of Wall Street' and was so excited to see Margot Robbie on the big screen (the last time I saw her was on 'Pan Am' way back when). She is not only drop dead gorgeous but totally lived every fellow 23 year-old's dream by being Leonardo DiCaprio's on-screen wife. Oh you didn't know? She's a blonde bombshell and only 27 days my senior. Talk about living the dream!

april showers.

For the first time in a long time, April has brought beautiful weather and stereotypical rain showers. For the past few years its either been freezing (with snowfall) or very hot (last Easter I was in dresses... and it was March), so this is a nice change!
Here are my top 3 rainy day necessities that will keep dry during the upcoming gray, 60+ degree days:
April Showers
1. Kate Spade Rain Check Umbrella: totally on my to-buy list! (Are you surprised?) | 2. (Similar) Patterned Trench: to keep you toasty, but not sweltering, on warmer rainy days | 3. Rain Flats: dark and drizzle-y calls for bright and cute!

happy friday!

The end of the week has arrived! Watch this little Yoda-esque Frenchie fight bedtime in the most adorable start-your-weekend video ever! If only I could go to sleep that quickly :)

Happy Friday, guys!

the summa-summatime!

Okay, so I know I'm totally pushing it-- spring has just arrived and it's barely 60ยบ these days-- but after month and months of cold and gray, can you blame me for dreaming of Bermuda, Jamaica...? Of swimsuits and sunhats? Someone send me to a tropical island to wash off the remnants of winter!
summa-summa time!

Seriously, summer vacation needs to get here--stat! 
Are you dying for summer, too? Let me know in a comment.